Outside Resources

If you have checked the EAGLIT and we do not own the materials (books, journal articles, etc.) needed there are two options to obtain materials outside of our library:

  • InterLibrary Loan (ILL) - A service used by students and faculty to secure books or articles that this library does not own.  The process takes from 5 - 10 days or longer and is free unless the lender charges.  An electronic request must be submitted to the library. 
  • TexShare Card - Students may use the TexShare Library card to borrow materials from libraries participating in TexShare  (a resource sharing program among public colleges,  private colleges, universities and public libraries in Texas, designed to improve library services to Texans.)  List of participating libraries can be found at https://www.tsl.texas.gov/texshare/libsearch/index.php  TexShare cards may be obtained by filling out a form and retuning it  to the Circulation Department of John F. Moss/Palmer Memorial Library.  A copy of your student ID must be included.  TexShare cards must be renewed each semester. For more information on the card program please visit this website.



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