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General Information

The Curriculum Library is home to many examples of teaching materials that new teachers can expect to encounter in their school districts.  The contents of the Curriculum Library are listed in the Online Catalog (EAGLIT).  The collection consists of textbooks, kits, multimedia, and other instructional items unique to the curriculum collection.  The Curriculum Library is open during regular library hours and an information assistant is available to help you with all materials located on the second floor, with the exception of Thursday evenings and Saturdays.  If there is no one at the Second Floor Information Desk, ask someone at the Circulation Desk for assistance.


The Texas A&M University-Texarkana Curriculum Library has sample classroom texts and instructor manuals for most subjects. The majority of books in this collection can be found on the Texas State Current Adoption List of Instructional Materials  All books are labeled in the lower left corner with the subject area and grade level.

These books are kept in Library of Congress call number order.  Please do not re-shelve them; instead, leave materials on the return book cart near the center of the room.  Curriculum textbooks and software are library-use-only.  However, pieces of kits can be checked-out for assignments involving classroom demonstrations. 

All subject areas should have a student text and a teacherís edition/manual.  K-6 grade level teacherís editions are shelved with their matching textbooks, while grades 7 and above are kept downstairs behind the Circulation Desk.  To access teacherís editions for grades 7 and up, give the title(s) and call number(s) to the staff at the desk. You may also be asked to present your student ID.  Besides a teacherís edition, textbooks may also be accompanied by some or all of the following:  workbooks or enrichment books (practice sheets for enhancing skills), teacherís resource books or binders (these often contain transparencies, maps, tests, blackline masters VHS tapes, cassettes, and/or posters), software, TAAS practice tests, block scheduling guides, and lesson plans.


 The library owns an extensive multimedia collection that teachers may use and evaluate.  Items designated ďCurriculumĒ may only be used in the libraryís computer rooms, but a great many multimedia titles will soon be available for check out.  As soon as titles are available for check out, an announcement will be posted on the library Website and faculty will be notified via e-mail. Typical Curriculum software program types are computerized test banks and study guides expressly developed to relate to a specific textbook series.  Many other titles are available and valuable as supplements to classroom instruction.  This type of software includes study guides for specific subject areas, tests to determine skill levels, and games to reinforce skills.  All available multimedia materials are indexed in the card catalog; however, they are shelved in various areas of the library.  Be sure to write down the location along with the call number.

Additional Materials

In addition to texts and software, the collection also contains a variety of teaching aids.  Examples include a set of multicultural dolls, a moon globe, flannel board sets, and a model of the human torso organs.  Most of these materials do not circulate, but parts/pieces of our kits can be used outside the library as visual aids for class demonstrations.  These include Big Books, posters, VHS tapes, puppets, maps, transparencies, etc.  Students wanting to check out allowable items can do so the day before the presentation; curriculum items are due in 24 hours.  Kits are located in the back of the Curriculum Library on the lower shelving.  Most of these are also on the current adoption list for Texas. 




The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) is the Texas Education Agencyís proclamation of learning standards for Texas children.  In other words, it is the stateís decree of what children need to know and when they need to know it.  The complete standards document can be found at



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