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The John F. Moss/Palmer Memorial Library wants to maintain an environment that is conducive for both study and the protection of library materials.  Food and beverages attract rodents, cockroaches, silverfish, and other unwanted pests that damage library materials.  By complying with this policy, users will help maintain a clean work environment, pest-free buildings, and aid in the preservation of our collections for future generations.

    Food Policy


    o   Only in the Atrium.

    o   Examples: Snack items, such as candy (not sticky or gooey), bagels/muffins, dried fruit and granola bars.


    o   In ALL other areas of the library.

    o   Examples: No meals, no take-out, no food deliveries. No smelly, greasy, or messy foods, such as, pizza, sandwiches/subs, hamburgers, fries, salads, ice cream, and popcorn. 

    Drink Policy:    All containers are subject to approval by library staff.

    Acceptable Unacceptable
    Acceptable containers:  Spill-proof containers that may be reclosed after being opened. Unacceptable containers:  Paper, plastic, or Styrofoam cups from fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, etc.

    Individuals who fail to comply with this policy can face disciplinary action. Visitors will be asked to leave the library and may be barred from the campus.

    Some Tips

             Plan ahead and prepare: Plan to eat your meals before you come to the library. If you carry in snacks or drinks, avoid messy or greasy foods that may damage library material and facilities as well as strong smelling and/or noisy foods that may be distracting to others. Bring drinks in covered containers and be careful to avoid spills.

             Dispose of waste properly: Pack it in, pack it out: carry out any leftover food and non-disposable utensils or containers that you bring into the library. Place garbage in trash cans. If you must dispose of beverages, pour liquids into the bathroom sink before recycling or throwing away the containers.

             Leave library resources, furnishings, and equipment in the same or better condition as you found them. Report accidental spills to library staff as soon as possible

             Be considerate of other visitors: Respect your fellow library users and the next generation of library users.

             Remember:  There is still a zero tolerance for Tobacco products in the library.



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