Logging on to the library computers.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 11, 2003, all internet access workstations in the library will be designated student use only and will require log-ons to sign on.  Access to the internet is not available on Card Catalog computers and they will not require log-ons.

The User name and password is the same format for using the proxy server for accessing the databases off-campus.

Username is the first 4 characters of your last name plus the last 4 digits of your Campus Wide ID.
** If your last name is less than 4 characters, then use the first four characters from "Last, First".   If your name is 3 characters long, you may now omit the comma (or any special characters).   See the examples below:
        Jones, John / 123-45-6789  jone6789

        O'Brian, Carol / 123-45-6789 OBri6789
        Lee, Kelly / 123-45-6789 Lee6789

Password is your Campus Wide ID  (example: 123456789)

There is one additional field to complete when logging into the computers. The Log on to field is chosen whether you are associated with TC or TAMU-TEXARKANA.  TAMU-TEXARKANA students will choose TAMUT.  TC students and paid Community Members will choose LIBRARY.