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 (Spring 2006)


Listed below are a few references on Fine Arts. We hope you can explore these materials as well as other sources in your library.  Please feel free to ask the library staff any questions you might have.



          The online-card catalog is a good place to start.  Select Subject from the pull down tab menu or from the blue tabs. Enter subject heading.  Examples: Architecture; American Drama; Painting American; Painting—Appreciation; Impressionism (Art); Photograph Collections, Sculpture African


Below are examples of books listed in the on-line catalog:

Atlas of Emotion: journeys in art, architecture, and film Call# NX175 B78 2002 (Main Collection)

Representative Plays By American Dramatist Call # PS623 R4 (Main Collection)

American Impressionism Call # ND210.5 I4 B68 (Folio)

Annotated Art Call #ND1143 C86 1995 (Folio)

Sister Wendy’s Impressionist Masterpieces Call # ND192 I4 B43 2000(Folio)

A Century of Photographs, 1846-1946 Call # TR U62 D572 (Main Collection)

African Folktales & Sculpture Call # GR350 A35 1964 (Folio)




Dictionary of American Sculptors Call # Ref NB 236 O64 1984  The names of over 5,000 American sculptors have been assembled in this one volume, with biographical information drawn from an extensive library of source material.  The reader will find comprehensive biographies of artists who have exhibited at fine arts museums and galleries all over the world, as well as artists who specialized in specific styles or regions. This book is illustrated with over 200 photographs of sculptors.  (Preface)


The Dictionary of ART Call # Ref N 31 D5 2002 (34 volumes) This set consists of 41,000 signed articles contributed by 6,700 scholars from 120 countries. . . . The dictionary is intended to provide comprehensive coverage of the visual arts of every culture and civilization from prehistory to the present. . . . In addition to painters, printmakers, sculptors, and architects, biographies treat photographers, furniture makers, designers, metalsmiths, jewelers, conceptual artists, collectors, critics, patrons of the arts, and teachers. . . . The dictionary includes approximately 500 articles on styles, schools, groups, and movements and 800 articles on forms, themes, and subject matter. . . . Topical articles range in length from a few lines (turpentine) to 100 or more pages for survey articles (Romanesque, Prehistoric Europe). . . . Most volumes contain inserts of between 4 and 16 colorplates." (Booklist)


Great American Artist of the Western World  Call # Ref Folio N 40 G77 1987 vol. 1-10.  The set is thematically arranged.  Each volume focuses on four great masters representing a given period of the history of art.  Sub-divisions for each artist include:  The Artist’s Life, Work, Gallery, In the Background and a Year in the Life.  The sections features “trademarks” and comparisons, in which similar and contrasting elements are observed in other artists.  Each volume concludes with brief sketches of lesser-know artists of the period. (School Library Journal)


Green Book of Songs by Subject Call #Ref ML 156.4 P6 G73 1994 (4th edition) This work "indexes 21,000 twentieth-century songs by assigning one or more of 800 subject headings, based on keywords in the title or the subject of the song. Most songs are from the 1950s on. . . . See references lead from one subject heading to another. Song titles are listed alphabetically under a subject. For each song, performer, album, and label are given to help track recordings. Most are albums and are in print; a few 45s are included. The book closes with a list translating the abbreviations used for record labels and an index to subjects used." (Booklist)


The Motion Picture Guide Call # Ref PN 1995 N346 Vol. 1-24 Entries provide detailed production credits and accurate synopses for English (and some foreign) sound features.  1999 annual was the last published guide.  Access the TV Guide Online’s Movie database, , which contains all reviews from previous editions of the Motion Picture Guide and is update with new reviews.


Oxford Companion to Western Art Call # Ref  N33 O923 contains 2,600 A-to-Z entries written and signed by one hundred contributors.  Although not intended to be comprehensive, the reader can expect to find entries on artists, styles, movements, techniques, materials, criticism, museums, and galleries in major cities, and art history, excluding architecture and non-Western art.  Most entries have at least one reference for further reading. Cross-references are indicated within the main text of articles by asterisk. The text is preceded by a list of color plates and concludes with an index of authors and writers on art. Most of the 1,700 articles on artists average between one-sixth to one-third page in length. (Reference & User Services Quarterly)


Play Index Call # Ref Z5781 P53  This is an index only and does not include plays, but give bibliographic information of where to find the play.  Entries are arranged under author, title, and subject in a single alphabet list.  Use the author entry for the play to find bibliographic information. 


The Prestel Dictionary of Art and Artists of the 20th Century Call # Ref N33 P74 2000 This very handsome publication includes 501 illustrations (over 400 in color) and 1300 concise yet informative and detailed entries in an attractive and artful layout. The entries are signed by the over 62 authors, and the editorial committee is made up of three world-renowned art historians: the Munich-based Wieland Schmied, a prolific author who lectures internationally; Frank Whitford, who has taught at the Slade School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London; and Frank Zullner (Univ. of Leipzig). The entries, which are mainly Western in scope, cover 20th-century art movements and forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, graphic arts, and video art. Historical background and critical analysis are incorporated, and cross references are indicated by an arrow. (Library Journal)


Schirmer Encyclopedia of Art Call # Ref N31 L3 2002 vol. 1-4 The set is accessible in an A-Z format.  There are 300 biographies of artists and 100 topical articles that cover eras, movements, and genres.  Information is supplemented with many interesting sidebar articles.  Art terms are defined in the margins of pages where they are used.  Cross-references, volume indexes and a cumulative index make use of the set easy.  Color  reproductions of artworks are good. (Booklist)


Short Story Index Call # Ref Z5917 S5 C6 This is an index only and does not include short stories, but give bibliographic information of where to find the story.  Entries are arranged under author, title, and subject in a single alphabet list.  Use the author entry for the play to find bibliographic information. 


Understanding Art : a reference guide to painting, sculpture, and architecture in the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods Call # Ref N 5940 A7813 2000 vol. 1-2.  This profusely illustrated set surveys Western art from the 11th to the 17th centuries. Each of the four main sections (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque) is introduced by a historical overview followed by separate chapters on each period's architecture, sculpture, and painting. The section on Gothic art includes an additional chapter on applied arts. While many resources cover these periods, the value here is the lucid and authoritative analysis of key concepts and the inclusion of numerous black-and-white captioned diagrams that outline design elements found in the accompanying full-color photographs. Thus, a photograph of a ceiling fresco in Mantua is presented with an explanation of the display of perspective in Renaissance painting. The attractive layout features narrow columns of text offset by captioned sidebars and plentiful full and half-page illustrations. Unfortunately, the book is marred by an occasional out-of-focus, dated photo with poor color rendition. Nevertheless, the work proves true to its name, being a useful and friendly guide for students.  (School Library Journal)



Biography Resource Center – find biography information and most entries include occupation highlights for the art medium.

Wilson OmniFile or JSTOR- search for (your theme) in art.  Examples:  Love in art, Motherhood in art.



Listed below are Websites that have image collections available online.  At most sites there is some type of search feature where one can enter their theme and search the collection.


Art Collector:

Art Institute of Chicago

Cincinnati Art Museum:

Corcoran Gallery of Art:

The Detroit Institute of Arts:

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco:

Guggenhiem Museums:

Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Mother of all Art and Art History Link Pages:

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:

Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles:

Posters, Art Prints and Framed Art Leader:

National Gallery of Art:

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Smithsonian American Art Museum 

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia: