"How Can I" access Electronic Reserves


  1. Begin at EAGLIT (the online catalog).  http://milli.tamut.edu/search/

  2. Click on the course reserves button to search by the course name, or the instructor reserves  button to search by the instructor's name.

  3. Perform the course or instructor search to pull up a list of material titles on reserve for that course or instructor.

  4. If the material is available electronically, to the right of the title, it will read *electronic copy available.
    To view the material, click on the title, then click on the words that read "view or print" followed by the title of the material.

  5. You will be asked for your name and a unique ID in order to access the material.  Enter your name as it appears on your student ID;  your unique ID is your Campus Wide ID (CWID).  The material should then be made available to you.



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