Library Instruction & Tours


Library Instruction

Faculty members may request that librarians visit their classes to give course specific instruction on what the library has to offer for that particular class.  These sessions will include electronic resources and more detailed instruction on searching databases than in the typical library tour.  These sessions could be held in the Curriculum Library for smaller classes, or a librarian will visit the regular classroom.  To request a library instruction class, contact Dru Merriman, Public Services Librarian, (TC ext. 3248) or Teri Stover, Reference Librarian (TAMU-T ext. 3091).


Library Tours

Faculty may request library tours for their classes in order to familiarize students with what is available in the library.  This can be a general tour or it can be tailored to individual classes.  Although electronic resources will be pointed out in these tours, database instruction will be limited. To request a tour, contact Teri Stover, Reference Librarian, or call TAMU-T ext. 3091.




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