Course Reserves


Hard Copy Reserves

When an instructor requests that an item be placed on reserve, it is placed on a shelf behind the Circulation Desk for students to request.  Examples of such items may be books, journal articles, book chapters, etc.  Items are placed on reserve on a semester by semester basis.  If you wish for an item to remain on reserve for the following semester, you must notify Circulation/Reserve Staff.

Faculty members may request that their personal copies or books owned by the library and copyright compliant photocopied materials be placed on reserve for periods of:

Library Use Only
One day checkout
Three day checkout
Seven day checkout

Currently, these are the only loan periods that course reserves are able  to accommodate.

Faculty members may request photocopies of articles or chapters of books to be placed on reserve. Under the fair use guidelines, photocopies of these materials may be made and used for one semester without requiring permission from the copyright owner.  The following information provides examples of the types of materials that do and do not need prior copyright permission.  Photocopies of any type of copyrighted material may not be used two semesters in a row under any circumstances.

Copyright permission needed for:

  • a journal article or a book chapter needed by a professor for more than one semester
  • more than one copy from one journal issue or multiple chapters of a book
  • an out-of-print book placed on electronic reserves

No copyright permission needed for:

  • Exams/quizzes
  • Lecture notes
  • Government publications
  • Single article from a journal issue used for one semester
  • One chapter from a book used for one semester

Procedures for Submitting Course Reserves

Print the appropriate reserve request form to bring with the material that you wish to be placed on reserve.  Course reserves requests  will no longer be accepted without the required paperwork.

Book Request          Book Chapter          Photocopies and Electronic Reserves


Please inform students that in order to access the materials  placed on reserve, they will need to know the Instructor's name, course number, and title of the material.

Online Reserves

In addition to having journal articles, book chapters, etc. on reserve at the Reserve Desk, we now have the capability of providing electronic access to those materials.  This service is not automatically provided when you submit a journal article for reserve; you must request that we make it available electronically.  Faculty may also use this as a way for students to access required readings for the course.  Each article submitted should be no longer than forty (40) pages in length.  For more information about Online Reserves, contact Stephanie at 903-223-3100  ( Circulation Desk.




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