Remote Access Troubleshooting

    • Username and Password
      TAMUT Faculty and Staff
      - The username and password is the same as your network login.
      TAMUT Students - The username and password is the same as your network login.
      TC Faculty and Staff - The username and password is your campus email login.
      TC Students - The username and password is your library login.
    • Security Software
      Third party security programs, such as Zone Alarm, Norton System Works or Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, Symantec Desktop Firewall, etc, have been known to cause problems.  Disable these programs and try again.
    • Java and JavaScript
      Java and JavaScript must be enabled. To enable:
      Internet Explorer 6.0 - Tools / Internet Options / Advanced / Java [Sun]
      Netscape 6.2 - Preferences / Advanced / Enable Java and JavaScript.
    • Cookies
      Cookies must be enabled. Click here to test for cookies.  For help enabling cookies, click here.
    • Browsers
      Internet Explorer and Netscape are supported.  Other browsers may not work equally well. Some ISPs use their own versions of Internet Explorer (such as AOL or Prodigy).  Sometimes these browsers can present a problem. As an easy workaround, connect to the Internet using the software provided by the ISP, minimize the browser session and then launch Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape.
    • Pop-Up Blockers
      Some database vendors use pop-up windows when clicking on a link.  Pop-up blocker software prevents these windows from opening. Disable pop-up blocker software.
    • Web Accelerators
      Some ISPs, (NetZero, Google Web Accelerator, Roadrunner, and others) use Web accelerator software to increase download speed.  This has been known to cause problems.  Disable Web accelerator software.
    • Database Error
      If you receive the following error:

      To allow /login?url=http:/ to work, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize this within the ezproxy.cfg file.

      Within this database's section of the file, the following line must be added:

      Host www.Some

      The EZproxy server must then be restarted to make this change take effect.

      Database vendors periodically change their configuration. Please copy and paste the error in our Comment / Feedback page.  This is a simple fix; but we must know about it in order to rectify the problem.

    For help or to report problems please contact Arthur Christy 903-223-3159 or Teri Stover 223-3088 (


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